Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Chanakya's Chant - I am chanting it Mr. Sanghi!

Just  finished the chant. I mean the book - 'Chanakya's chant' by Ashwin Sanghi.

For this book, I am lost for words. How do I describe the myriad of emotions and feelings I went through while reading it. From extreme curiosity to grief, anger, dumbfoundedness, joy, amazement and complete admiration for the way the writer has weaved the story and brought to us the powerful character of Gangasagar Mishra, (the cunning, calculative, cruel, unforgivable and yet admired and unforgettable political strategist of present times...), I have experienced it all!

And as if that is not enough.....alongside (or simultaneously), I am taken into the glorious past of  Bharat when 'the Great Chanakya had just started becoming what he is known today as (although the author maintains that the narrative in the book about Chanakya and Chadragupta are fictitious)- A brilliant 'king maker' who unified the ancient nation under Chanragupta Maurya and brought stability, strength, wealth and peace to the sacred land. A time that the future generations would know as 'The Golden age of India'.

How, Why and What went into making Chanakya the way he became is portrayed through a spellbinding narrative. The style of writing is like the smooth flow of a river, very eloquent, overcoming barriers. But I am sure to make a complicated and to some 'boring histroy' into an extremely engaging and intelligent read in a simplified manner must have been a humongous task, which the writer seemed to have managed very well.
He goes back and forth from the antics of present day Gangasagar to the planning, plotting and strategising moves of the historical Chanakya with the ease of a child playing his favourite computer game for the umpteenth time.

 The author also shows his deep knowledge on various subjects and issues from history, politics to ancient warfare, different cultures, geography and most of all on Women. Power of women. The great potential women possess is accurately depicted through his story.(If you leave aside the manipulations that were made by Gangasagar in order to prove the point).

The only minor distractions at places were some heavy words and sometimes lengthy paragraphs to describe either the characters or their environment, which I wanted to skip in order to quickly continue with the main storyline and the happenings therein.

But I must say, as a reader I loved his work. And as a writer I am in admiration of him! Also, I look forward to reading his other works!

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