Friday, July 1, 2011

THE RACE - Sujata Parashar

In this mad RACE to satiate her ego,
and pamper the material mind,
She runs to win.
‘Beware girl, winning is an addiction’,
shares the wise old man.
He learnt it the hard way.
 Does not want the one he loves,
 to repeat the same mistakes.
She hardly cares.
For her, the world is a stage.

She- an artist. Par excellence!
Demanding only the best from herself.
And so each day, she is happy running.
Distractions distract her. They anger her.
If halted she gets anxious to start again.
‘Get – set – go’ and keep going is her motto!
Her fatigue comes from resting a while,
from normal hum drum of life,
and looking at the other artists on the stage,
or even being innocent and naïve.

With ‘the win’ on her mind,
each day, she loses….,
Loses on her soothing sleep,
attractive smile, and  young life!
I wish I could tell her -
Calm down, relax a while,
enjoy and experience the journey.
Walk it. Stroll. Do run too, if you really need to.
 But just don’t rush through.
‘Coz there is really nothing at the finishing line.

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