Thursday, January 5, 2012


The hills are still green,
Ocean stays aquamarine.
People of the land,
 White or black!
 Why am I red?

I didn’t choose,
Neither did I like.
Too strong for my taste!
It just appeared,
Urging me to wear.

I shied and ran,
It followed back.
I hid behind,
the bland white.
It patiently waited.

Why me?
I asked finally,
giving up the pretense.
Your time’s come,
It smiled and said.

You are bright,
Strike the eye,
Difficult to blend,
with other colours
I passionately denied.

You have tried,
Worn others colours,
Ignoring me this long,
The only colour that holds,
The key to your heart.

The colour I had refused,
Wrapped itself around,
Moved gently but surely,
Erasing my unsure thoughts,
Filling me with Love!

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