Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Eluders and Easygoers

There are days when words flow like a mountain - stream. Gushing down cheerfully. Making happy noises as they descend and create magic on paper. But those days are few and far between. Most of the days they leave me struggling. I fret and fume and try catching them. It's a tough job! There are times when all I do the entire day is run. The ever - slippery words dangle themselves in front of me like a juicy carrot and tempt me to catch them. I chase after them across my room, outside my large window, and in the clouds. I am chasing, chasing, chasing around. But all that I see is just another lemon tree! No jokes.  "Khatte nimbu" is all I get to collect towards the end of my chase - the - words, day. I don't mind it much since I like lemonade.  The tangy, sweet and refreshing drink can't be made without lemons. And it's good for the health, no? Anyway, coming back to the words,,, some are rather more mischievous than others. I have  named them"Eluders." They are high - handed and unhelpful. At a crucial point when I really need them to bale me out of a tricky scene, they abandon me. But then there's this another friendly group  of words; I call them the "Easygoers." The Easygoers come to my rescue on such occasions. We have an understanding. If I'm stuck somewhere while writing a beautiful story about a mermaid or a frog or even a bullock - cart which is overloaded with unusual stuff, I must start rambling immediately; the moment I do that the Easygoers come to my aid. You see, they can't see a beautiful story go astray or be left incomplete because of the absence of a few snobbish Eluders. I'm greatly indebted to them. They've enabled and empowered me. My stories are all dedicated to these simple - hearted and beautiful words. The Easygoers.

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