Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Travel and Writing in 2015

Year 2015 has begun on a satisfactory and hopeful note. Many changes are expected this year. At the personal as well as professional front. The first half of the year involves a good deal of traveling. In fact, the travel schedule till March is already drawn out. It’s a mix of – literary pursuits, travel related to various social projects that I’m involved in and some personal trips. I'm not planning to bring out a book this year except probably the short - stories collection that I have been working on. If everything falls in place it should be released somewhere towards the end of the year. The book is another ambitious and heartfelt endeavour to tell stories about Indian women. In fact, it is an attempt to bring out different shades of the modern Indian woman in the form of 12 simple and yet engaging stories. The interesting part of the book is that the title of each story is also the name of the lead female protagonists of those stories The names also reflect the essence of the character of the heroines of each of these stories.  I better stop here before I reveal all about the book out of too much enthusiasm.                 

A good part of the year will be spent in writing/completing the other  writing projects. There’s the unfinished novel – long overdue; based on a woman who is brutally gang – raped and suffers further humiliation and loss at the hands of her tormentors before she decides to fight back and avenge her honour. Then there’s the non – fiction that is stuck for no good reason. I would like to get it out this year too. Fingers crossed! Other than that, I plan to continue contributing to some prestigious anthologies of both poetry and short - fiction.  I believe it’s a good way to experiment with writing genres and styles as well as stay – in – touch with the literary world. Of course, the focus will as much be on reading, which was much neglected in 2014, and attending a few relevant events/programmes that will help me enhance my creative  - writing abilities.

That's all from me for now!
Wish each one of you a very warm and fulfilling 2015!

Keep smiling!

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