Wednesday, August 10, 2011


When thoughts don’t have to consider restrain,
The journey is wandering in an aimless plain.
Discovering small and big secrets of life,
Without any forced aid or travelers guide.
That is freedom

When I don’t have to lie or pretend,
For every selfish social rule that I bend.
Just so you can count me in,
as one of the beautiful ‘ducklings’.
That is freedom

When my learnings are from asking foolish questions,
Your replies are answering without presumptions.
When breaking away is a rule,
A wise man is as much a fool.
That is Freedom

When my right is your wrong,
Still you accept my Song.
That when I hum the tune,
Without worrying for your own,
You join in soon.
That is freedom

Looking at me without biases,
your hands greet me minus prejudices.
Vanity’s no longer affecting your sense,
Your good heart’s the one, reaching out as a true friend.
That is freedom

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