Monday, August 22, 2011

Restless Spirit of Mine

Restless spirit of mine!

Oh, restless spirit of mine!
Would you be kind enough to share your mind?
And let me know what is it that you wish to find?
The more I listen to thee;
The more you bewilder me.
How is it possible to leave all things behind?
Take a trip to that unknown land,
to unravel your mysterious mind?
There are things that I must attend to.
So, till I am not ready,
 find something peaceful to do.
If you stay restless I will lose my cool,
then you will bear the consequences,
as the world and I will forcefully suppress you.
It is wise to be patient and wait a while,
I want to prepare myself and others,
before I am free to follow your flight.
Oh restless spirit of mine,
just wait for the right time.
I promise to abide by thee!

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