Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fear less

Now I know of this dame, who loved the woods.
She found it deeply mysterious and beautiful. 
People warned her to not venture there alone,
‘God knows what all secrets a jungle hides’,
They said, and instilled in her the Forest - fear.
Curiosity though got her better,
One fine summer morning,
when the Sun was well above the sky,
The dame decided to give it a try.
Picking up her old back pack,
putting in an assortment of required things,
she set out for the woods Unknown.
The path that led into the Jungle was a sight to behold,
It made her forget all her apprehensions,
humming her favourite tune, she went along.
Joining her, she noticed were few other creatures,
A couple of noisy sparrows,
a busy squirrel, few shy rabbits and a curious deer.
She was at ease as she wandered deep,
without any specific plans,
Observing, marveling and philosophising life.   
But then the forest grew bleak and the sun became meek,
It was then the girl grew conscious
as she noticed the shadows;
they were competing with each other,   
Some stayed deadly quiet,
others made terrible noise,
frightening her, was their big game.
Strangely, she was not daunted anymore.
The Unknown Jungle was now known.
She was facing the great fear on the face.
She was now Fearless!

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