Thursday, September 1, 2011

In a boat without oars!

I would love to float in a boat without oars.
Neither beginning nor an end,
Only the mysterious deep blue sea and its wealth.
Diving deep in, whenever I please,
I shall discover my own treasures, each.
Treasures, that are meant to be opened and felt,
Deep, deep down kept tightly shut in a chest.
As if that is not enough; I would find other things,
A dream, wishes, smiles, a tear,
 A dance, a romance, a life well lived.
When I have floated well and far,
A gentle push, and a rough pull, will ensure I reach my shore,
The soil of the land will greet me with open arms,
After all, I went to the sea in a boat without oars,
It will be a mighty feat achieved, and my only pride.
'O' how I shall love to float in a boat without oars!

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