Friday, February 24, 2012

Winning Her Love - It’s tough!

 I am sure many would agree
Her love is no freebie

First and foremost
Build her trust.

Whether she asks or not
Your deepest thoughts; let her know.

Treat her right
Even while you fight.

Take care to never undermine
 her ideas and thoughts.

Only touch when you are sure
She wants you to.

Make love through
the small things that you do.

Know her dreams
Walk with her in having them fulfilled

Time and again
Show your love for her is for keeps.

Even after all the above
She might coyly ask -

Tell me honey
Am I the most beautiful?

Without further ado
 Do properly comply -ment. 


  1. beutiful lines...simple desires of every woman that she wants from her man! its reminding me of Bryan Adams song
    "have you ever really loved a woman"

  2. Hi Sujata,
    A "Must Read" for every young man in search of a woman.
    Loved the lines.
    Keep Writing.

  3. Am so glad you liked it. Thank you. :-)