Thursday, March 1, 2012

Om Namoh Shivay!

Bhole Nath

The simple hearted sage,
oblivious to the world,
ash smeared all over,
snake of ego mastered,
powerful trident by his side,
Ganga flowing from his head,
passing wisdom to the next,
deep in meditation,
wearing the tiger skin,
on the Kailash peak,
Easily pleased.


Benovalent Devas,
Mighty Asuras,
in power conflict,
churned out ‘Somras’,
not minding ‘Amrit’s’
residue the killer poison.
Not willing to sacrifice
both helplessly sought,
the Shankar’s intervention,
Blue throated one
Savior of the world.

The divine dancer,
performs gently,
dancing to ‘Lasya’,
with his ardhangini Parvati,
the Goddess his Shakti
deeply expressing his love,
his stance filled with grace and beauty.
The supreme Lord of dance,
also dances in his Tandava form,
that destroys, to revive,
 the weary Universe with new life.


The Lord of the Gods,
Powerful yet humble,
Saviour and destroyer,
Oblivious to the world.
Greatest lover, graceful dancer,
bringing in harmony ,
The one flowing with wisdom,
who’s ornament is the snake,
to that Shiva I respectfully bow,
My Lord, guide and friend
Om Namoh Shivay!

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