Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Anyone who Car (e)s?

Today I want to write about Cars.
Men may want to avoid reading this blog. Or, what the heck! Read and be entertained at my cost.
First things first, I am not ashamed to confess: I cannot tell the difference between different cars.

Okay, I do know the basics:

Maruti 800 (Every one knows how a Maruti 800 looks like).
Maruti Alto (Because it's cute).
Chevrolet Beat (This 'coz my brother owns one).
Hyundai Accent ( my over enthusiastic husband had bought one soon after it was launched but as luck would have it, he had to sell it within six months of purchasing it as we were relocating to Singapore).
Pajero (It is a girlfriend's dream car. I was curious to know what's so special about it, so...).
And finally the Hummer (this, to show off my knowledge to some of my girlfriends who simply looovvveee cars).
Oh, come to think of it, I can recognise a Scorpio, Rolls Royce and a Nano too.

I think that's a fine list.

But my friends don't think so. Neither do car lovers I interact with. They rattle off names and different car models as if they were simple alphabets. But to tell you frankly, it does not bother me. However, the reason I am writing this blog is because there's something  about all the various cars (especially the big ones) which disturbs me.

Now, I have really nothing against car makers or car lovers or even the handsome looking cars. I love traveling comfortably too.  But really, I don't understand why make so many types of  them? Okay, everyone wants to make money. Fine. Make cars. But then why do people have to be so addictive to them. And consequently become lazy. Why can't people just walk to the nearby market place or gym? Why does each and every member of the family need a car for himself/herself? And most of all why on earth do we judge people by the make of their cars?

The car was invented to better our lives and not to spoil our health, damage the environment and make men and women fall in love with machines (and all things material).

Er, well, I guess I got car - ried away. Enough for today!

Take Car... Er, care. :-)