Monday, October 7, 2013

On Sundays I fantasize

If you are expecting a long and stuffy post you have a reason not to! I am simply in no mood to impose myself on you today.  In fact, strange as it may sound I want to share my Sunday fantasies with you. 

You see every Sunday, without fail, I let myself be taken over by enchanting thoughts about things I would love to see happen for real. Yesterday, I indulged myself again. It's still fresh in my memory. Have I made you curious enough by now?  Anyway, without further ado let me tell you about my "Alice in wonderland" moments that I experienced yesterday-

The first thing I wished was to wake up each day in a cheerful English cottage by the sea to the sounds of English church bells. I decided to substitute the sea with a twenty - five meter rectangular swimming pool just outside my bedroom window. (As the practical - me insisted on it). 

That was followed by another equally nice idea: to be served, every morning by a lady wearing a white starched uniform, with freshly baked (not fried) chocolate donuts and steaming cups of tea on the bed. 

The last one was the most delightful of all. I imagined myself sitting prettily on my soft and cushiony bed, listening to my favourite songs, softly playing in the background, while I happily sipped my tea and took liberal bites of the chocolate donuts (of course, without worrying about the calories), and --this is the best part--: I was reading a front page article on ToI which glowingly spoke about my various books and how each one of them had broken all previous records of sales for adult fiction. I was rich. A very rich writer enjoying a tranquil morning.

Amen! I said dreamily and went on sipping my tea. 

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