Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Keep it short!

Blogging has never really been my cup of tea. But I have challenged myself to start blogging again. And by blogging I mean write short entries/posts. I’ll tell you why it’s a challenge for me:

By nature I love to chat. And no small talk. I like to elaborate things; explain, relate, and wander in between before closing the loop. The moment you ask me to keep it short, my mind goes blank. How can one keep 'talks' short? It's not sweet. How can one halt the flow of a nice long conversation, even if it is to discuss something as trivial as the price of onions in the country? Besides, the sky rocketing prices of the veggies is no longer a small matter. It reflects the depressing state of our economy; it prompts one to get into discussion related (or not so related), issues like the wide range of corruption, ineffective bureaucracy and uncouth self - serving politicians of the country without feeling one has overstepped the line.  One thing, naturally leads to the other. And that is the charm of it all. Long is beautiful. Short is terse. Abrupt. As humans we are supposed to interact with each other till the time we feel warm, fulfilled, welcoming and fresh in each other’s company. Can that happen in short conversations? NOooo!  At least, I don’t think so.  I can go on but then the idea is to keep this post only a few sentences long. And so this is going to be an abrupt halt. 

P.S - Was that short enough? For me it certainly was. Very short

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