Friday, October 18, 2013

Post - your - favourite - pics Day

Today,  I am not going to write anything. Instead, let me post a few random pics I had clicked during my last visit to Singapore. (They tell their own stories).

At the Sri Lankan Airport. I was jet lagged. The Budhha statue had a soothing effect on my nerves.

Ah! So vibrant and youthful. Majulah they sing.

Vidu loved his breakfast and of course I hadn't prepared it. Doting dad's creative efforts.

Ideactio Office: Ab itne cool environment mein ideas toh aayenge hi! (Vidu's click)

Night view of the city centre from the Singapore Flyer

Love the Kopitiams and the wide choice of South Asian cuisine they offer.

Both, Maya (acting all grown up and girlie), and Vidu (all upset with the new Maya) thankfully had some common interests.  Minecraft can save childhood friendships.

That's me cooking in the kitchen. A rarest of rare sight. I must have been either really hungry or really happy. Cannot recollect. (Vidu's click).

That's all for today!

Keep smiling. :-)

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