Thursday, October 17, 2013

Funny or Not

I was absent for a couple of days or probably longer . I don't really remember. But you don't mind or care! Do you? I would like to believe you do. A little, maybe. Or you may even be curious to know what all I might have been up to lately. Anyway, in either case, I benefit. You will visit my blog and read my ramblings and delight me specially when I notice the page-views graph is moving up. After all, I blog to amuse you and me, both. A little encouragement from you and I just might come up with something more meaningful.

Till such time -- in case you really do finish reading the above paragraph -- you may have to cheerfully bear with the rest of my babbling. No, I am seriously trying to think of a topic. Wait! T...H...I...N...K...I...N...G!

Peace? No. Cliched. Politics? no, no! Poetry? Not today. Then what?

Yes! I know. This should be interesting.

I am going to write on the topic my friend and I discussed yesterday while having a sumptuous dinner. He'd had a bad day and needed to vent. I needed to get out of the house. So, we decided to meet. The topic of our very engrossing discussion (which might have lasted only a few minutes) was, why do wives fight with their husbands.

Well, that was what he asked me. I had a good mind to ask him, why don't husbands pay attention to their wives when they are not fighting? But I was in a generous mood. Plus, he had asked me out to dinner. I just couldn't bring myself  to be rude to someone who was going to pay my dinner bill.So, I said something vague and let him vent his feelings.

Anyway, I didn't have to share my point of view which was obviously in conflict with his ideas about how should a wife behave or handle a stressed out or overworked hubby. (I mean it's your choice, man! You decide what you want from life and to what extent. And if it gives you stress, bear it. Don't blame your partner. You are responsible for your life. She, for hers). Anyway before I digress...let's continue...

His phone never stopped ringing throughout the evening. All the calls were from his boss, his boss's brother and again his boss and then again another senior guy from the company after which I lost count. The next day they had some important meeting, he explained apologetically in - between taking the calls (and sips of the excellent wine and the prawn and coriander dumplings we were hungrily digging into). To my exasperation and amusement he cursed all of them but took the calls and answered them patiently, making polite conversation and talking weather. Sample this: "How do you do ji? So sorry to hear that your grandma passed away." Seriously. Am not joking.

He is himself  one of the top shots of the company. He lives like a King and can fly anywhere he wishes to, with family. He has been given a SUV and another snazzy car plus several other perks from the company for his excellent performance (and position).  And yet his wife fights with him. Sad. But not strange. Before he dropped me home he said: "I know why my wife fights with me." He left it at that.

I merely smiled and wished him goodnight.

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