Saturday, August 27, 2011

The story of Ego and Humility

Once there lived Ego and Humility. Ego disliked staying with Humility. But Humility was quite accommodative of Ego.  
One day Ego woke up to stare at the bare and blank white walls. He tried to get up but realized that he could not. He was lying on the hospital bed with bandages all around his body.
Where am I? This does not look like my house. My house is large and beautiful. He thought very worried by now.
 Suddenly, happenings of the previous evening came back to haunt him. He realized, he had been destroyed the night before.
Ego had decided to throw a party. He had invited his good friends Pride, Prejudice, Anger and Arrogance to the party. Humility on his part had invited Kindness and Compassion. Ego and party decided they should have some fun by teasing humility and his set of friends.
Ego called humility and  said – ‘You know I am the master of this house. I have lived here forever.’ Humility readily `agreed in his usual style.  
‘You know if you were the master instead of me…this house might have been destroyed.’ Tried Ego again.
‘Why?’ Asked everyone
‘Oh the fool together with his stupid friends would have given away everything. It was only I, who with the help of my good friends Pride and Prejudice have managed to keep the house so well.’ Ego replied looking pleased in getting all the attention.
Humility looked up then and said softly -  ‘But dear brother, it was I who built it.’
Yeah, just the structure. It was nothing then. Look how beautiful I have made it now. Replied Ego looking around proudly. The house indeed looked immaculate, bright and beautiful.
Others agreed with him. Even Kindness and Compassion. Though they left immediately after the ‘teasing humility’ round was over.
The party was in full swing. Everyone were enjoying themselves. Suddenly there was a gust of wind. The storm was coming.  Storm was an enemy of Ego. Humility urged everyone to stop the party and shut the beautiful large windows of the house in order to keep the house safe and secure. But Ego was in high spirits and was quite confident that nothing would happen to the house. Storm had tried earlier also and had failed. This had made Ego even more confident. So, like always he snubbed Humility and subdued him.
But this time round Ego was wrong. Storm was ruthless. It did not spare anything or anyone. It plundered the beautiful house and destroyed everything that came its way.

 Humility survived somehow. And now he had the task of rebuilding the beautiful house again.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Restless Spirit of Mine

Restless spirit of mine!

Oh, restless spirit of mine!
Would you be kind enough to share your mind?
And let me know what is it that you wish to find?
The more I listen to thee;
The more you bewilder me.
How is it possible to leave all things behind?
Take a trip to that unknown land,
to unravel your mysterious mind?
There are things that I must attend to.
So, till I am not ready,
 find something peaceful to do.
If you stay restless I will lose my cool,
then you will bear the consequences,
as the world and I will forcefully suppress you.
It is wise to be patient and wait a while,
I want to prepare myself and others,
before I am free to follow your flight.
Oh restless spirit of mine,
just wait for the right time.
I promise to abide by thee!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A celebrity

Beautiful in the beholder's eye,
Brimming with confidence and pride,
                                  I am a celebrity
Cup full of life,
Always ready with a smile,
                        I am a celebrity

Throwing tantrums at the drop of a pin,
Getting away with the usual sins,
                         I am a celebrity

Vulnerable and unsure at times,
Recluse at a loss of even a dime,
                         I am a celebrity

Sensitive to strong wordings,
Uncaring to her pleadings,               
                        I am a celebrity

To you I might be another poor child on the street
To my mother ____________
                        I am a celebrity

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


When thoughts don’t have to consider restrain,
The journey is wandering in an aimless plain.
Discovering small and big secrets of life,
Without any forced aid or travelers guide.
That is freedom

When I don’t have to lie or pretend,
For every selfish social rule that I bend.
Just so you can count me in,
as one of the beautiful ‘ducklings’.
That is freedom

When my learnings are from asking foolish questions,
Your replies are answering without presumptions.
When breaking away is a rule,
A wise man is as much a fool.
That is Freedom

When my right is your wrong,
Still you accept my Song.
That when I hum the tune,
Without worrying for your own,
You join in soon.
That is freedom

Looking at me without biases,
your hands greet me minus prejudices.
Vanity’s no longer affecting your sense,
Your good heart’s the one, reaching out as a true friend.
That is freedom