Thursday, August 21, 2014

Write it down!

We all have our own favourite forms of expression. Don't we? Mine is writing. Talking too. But the issue with verbal communication is that very few people have the time to listen to our elaborate thoughts. And even if someone kindly lends an ear in this 'rushy -pushy' world it is often difficult to state our thoughts in a clear and concise manner for most of us. So, many times, we find ourselves meandering away from the main subject that we wish to discuss. Consequently, the impact is lost. While in writing you can take that liberty to an extent. Especially when you are writing to/for yourself. Or to a limited (& curious) audience.  Anyway, coming to the point, it's been days since I wrote a story or a poem. Craving to write something. With no specific aim. Just write.

In the past few years I have been involved with different kinds of writing projects including technical writing in the social development field. Currently, I'm busy with several such projects. They are interesting and novel experiences. They add to my knowledge and experience (not to mention, my purse). So neither do I want to and nor can I ignore such projects.  But given a choice I'll be happy to get down to writing my book 4 of the "Pursuit" series or even attempt a thriller or some other equally compelling story.  As long as they are stories that entertain people and transport them to a different world; I'm happy. But since I cannot begin my next novel until I finish the big pile of writing work on my desk, (and since poems and short stories don't come to you that easily either), I'll have to again entertain myself by writing down my trifling today. This is convenient and the best way to take it all out. Write away my grouses or what - nots. It feels good that I've written something that means nothing to anyone but makes me happy. At least, I got a chance to interact with myself and commuicated with my thoughts. The dull feeling is somewhat mitigated for now. I am energised and will be able to focus on my work better. Ah! so many advantages. That's why I say, Write it down!   
and keep smiling!