Friday, October 28, 2011

The Ugly

The baser instincts are sure curbed,
till the resting devil  decides to rise itself,
and issue fresh orders to remove the gentle humour,
 -a thin sheet of fake emotion that helps keep,
up the pretence of being called Human.

What each see are false curved mouths,
somehow disguising the  smirky ghoul .
After all, we are all humans, the highest of the species.
Cannot be crude and openly bring forth,
our tightly controlled  feelings. 

With a clever mind, we have learnt to cover it well,
wearing the shield of sophistication.  
Those who cannot manage are called the weaklings.
Though, as human and given a chance, maybe just as the rest.
You know! If not, study the popular, Charles Darwin.

It’s question of Survival …only of the fittest.
The conclusions he drew, we already knew,
 though we feigned then, just as we do every time
 some other terrible secret  is, by mistake, let out.
Man is man’s own enemy.

A Hitler, Mussolini, another, Fidel Castro and Joseph Stalin are but a few,
who let the cat out of their bags and openly their horrors, displayed,
Inflicting pain on the same they called brothers.
Many may argue we have a Martin Luther King and a Gandhi too,
Yes we do. The so called exceptions!
Rest, I presume, lie in between these two extremes.
Between the Good and the Bad called “The Ugly”