Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Eluders and Easygoers

There are days when words flow like a mountain - stream. Gushing down cheerfully. Making happy noises as they descend and create magic on paper. But those days are few and far between. Most of the days they leave me struggling. I fret and fume and try catching them. It's a tough job! There are times when all I do the entire day is run. The ever - slippery words dangle themselves in front of me like a juicy carrot and tempt me to catch them. I chase after them across my room, outside my large window, and in the clouds. I am chasing, chasing, chasing around. But all that I see is just another lemon tree! No jokes.  "Khatte nimbu" is all I get to collect towards the end of my chase - the - words, day. I don't mind it much since I like lemonade.  The tangy, sweet and refreshing drink can't be made without lemons. And it's good for the health, no? Anyway, coming back to the words,,, some are rather more mischievous than others. I have  named them"Eluders." They are high - handed and unhelpful. At a crucial point when I really need them to bale me out of a tricky scene, they abandon me. But then there's this another friendly group  of words; I call them the "Easygoers." The Easygoers come to my rescue on such occasions. We have an understanding. If I'm stuck somewhere while writing a beautiful story about a mermaid or a frog or even a bullock - cart which is overloaded with unusual stuff, I must start rambling immediately; the moment I do that the Easygoers come to my aid. You see, they can't see a beautiful story go astray or be left incomplete because of the absence of a few snobbish Eluders. I'm greatly indebted to them. They've enabled and empowered me. My stories are all dedicated to these simple - hearted and beautiful words. The Easygoers.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Make sense

Now that Pujo is almost over I'm back into my writing mode. But then this morning I was thinking; from where should I begin. And phat prompted the tiny voice: Begin with a Blog post!

I agreed readily. But as always, I'm stuck. I don't really want to ramble. I see other bloggers write such meaningful stuff. However, I'm not much into it and  off late all I do is jabber about this and that. I could be annoyingly aimless. But then why do I have to make sense always? Every other writer I know is doing that job quite well. Why add to the already overcrowded cart of 'make - sense' writings?

Now, don't get me wrong. Writers are powerful people. Whatever they write have some impact on the reader however implausible their writing may seem to be. So whether we pen sensible stuff or otherwise we need to be careful and responsible. I understand all that! But I also know this for a fact that nowadays readers are smart and at the same time considerate. At least, the younger lot.  They may find us quirky or amusingly strange creatures but if our thoughts/writings are not to their liking they merely share their own 'not  - so - complimentary' views on it in a fair and impersonal way on Facebook or other social network or may even blog about it once or twice, and then move on to listen to a Honey Singh number.  Yes, his songs are sense - less too! At times, even annoying.  But I guess they kind of makes one focus better on his/her work. Unlike the popular romantic numbers which always end up distracting our  ever busy and inventive mind. Also, like I said earlier - someone's got to be out there who's not trying to make sense of everything. A world full of wise and sensible people would be quite boring. Don't ou think? Besides,  I must say one can get used to his kind of songs.  In fact, many of my friends love his numbers. The knowledge gladdens my heart. I'm not the only strange one here. ;-)
Anyway, coming back to the readers, another interesting attribute that I've noted in them is that they forget controversies fast. Which is very generous of them, I think. Take  for example, Chetan Bhagat and his latest 'Half Girlfriend.' What a brouhaha the title created. But instead of getting upset the author must have jumped with joy at the amount of attention the the book received.  In fact, he can now save some of that much - envied royalty money he must be planning to dole out for  the various PR activities to promote the book. And I'm sure he and his publishers (who-- as it happens-- are also the publishers of my first two "Pursuits"), will go laughing all the way to the bank.
Have I suddenly started making sense? I hope not. My mind may have tricked me into writing something meaningful. So in - between there might be spurts of ingenious thoughts.  I leave you to look for them in this aimless prattle.