Monday, November 7, 2011

Tell the truth

Truth’s bitterness
Better then lies!
Lies need mulling,
in genuine planning,
complicated explanations,
of distorted facts into believable fiction.
The inventive mind needs,
sharpening of memories,
of hard to remember ,
 cock and bull stories.
A single word from here to there
requires another set of lies.
Unhappiness and worries,
gives dark ringed eyes,
lest the lies are discovered,
is the constant fear.
 The Pinocchio’s nose
is too much too bear.

Truth on the other hand,
simple and straight,
Cuts through like knife,
Facts that may pain,
yet simple and plain.
conscience clean,
shoulders heave a sigh of
relief.  Mind does not 
overwork for an explanation.
Thoughts need no
fake recommendation,
calling an axe a spade.
 Guaranteed, a guilt free
night’s sleep and a healthy life.
To avoid unnecessary complications,
broken promises and shattered faith,
 the wise said -
“Honesty is the best policy.”