Saturday, January 21, 2012

Silk worm

She was Cocooned!
Didn't know how to move.
Her unseeming progress,
appeared wrong to the eye.
Offered her best,
still considered ,
ordinary grade.
Inside her shell,
she lay still.
A day dreaming pupa ,
the silk around her,
 a useless web.
No value. Sadly told herself.
Four stages were must,
she was gently informed,
by the wise worms,
who too had undergone,
a slow transform.
Keeping her faith,
she worked on herself.
Metamorphosis altered her stance,
The unfeeling eyes
saw in awe as the caterpillar
came out of its shell,
spinning fine silk,
never seen before!

Friday, January 6, 2012


Strange are those eyes,
They hypnotize,
Changing colours,
Never seen before.

That powerful gaze,
Beholds as it repels,
Unusual for a mortal,
Could it be the Devil’s?

Are those eyes smiling?
May be smirking?
Answering or questioning?
Or born this way?

Their searing portrayal,
Intense in their search,
Burnt many hearts,
Who will they behold next?

Those mysterious pair,
Slowly turn this way,
A fleeing image,
Anger or pain? 

Thursday, January 5, 2012


The hills are still green,
Ocean stays aquamarine.
People of the land,
 White or black!
 Why am I red?

I didn’t choose,
Neither did I like.
Too strong for my taste!
It just appeared,
Urging me to wear.

I shied and ran,
It followed back.
I hid behind,
the bland white.
It patiently waited.

Why me?
I asked finally,
giving up the pretense.
Your time’s come,
It smiled and said.

You are bright,
Strike the eye,
Difficult to blend,
with other colours
I passionately denied.

You have tried,
Worn others colours,
Ignoring me this long,
The only colour that holds,
The key to your heart.

The colour I had refused,
Wrapped itself around,
Moved gently but surely,
Erasing my unsure thoughts,
Filling me with Love!